This Indian Sandstone patio at a property in Gainsborough was covered with a film of green algae ruining its appearance. I must admit I come across patio’s all the time with a build-up of lichen and grime but rarely anything as lime green as this.

Indian Sandstone Patio Before Renovation Gainsborough

Indian Sandstone is full of character and looks great when its clean but like any patio material its appearance will suffer over the winter due to the weather and really needs to be maintained annually to keep it looking at its best.

Indian Sandstone Patio Before Renovation Gainsborough

Deep Cleaning an Indian Sandstone Patio in Gainsborough

I started by pressure washing the Sandstone and mortar with the compressor set to low. This dislodge as much detritus and grime as possible without harming the stone, especially the mortar which can become loose if the pressure is set to high.

With the initial soiling removed the next step was to deep clean the stone of ingrained dirt and what remained of that awful lime coloured biofilm. To do this I brushed in a Tile Doctor Driveway and Patio Cleaner diluted one part cleaner to four parts water and left it to soak in for twelve hours. Luckily there was no blackspot to treat this time so I expected it to respond well.

I find dwell time is essential for this product so it’s worth experimenting with longer times If needed. This product is very strong and really designed for professional use so If your using it yourself do read the label to make sure its compatible with the stone and do wear protection.

Once done the patio was rinsed with water and the soiling extracted. It was then inspected and any stubborn stains re-treated.

Indian Sandstone Patio After Renovation Gainsborough

This process completely transformed the Indian Sandstone paving which once done looked incredibly clean. The subtle colours of the stone paving were really evident and made a massive transformation from the original.

Its worth noting that although we usually work on internal stone and tile the equipment we have works just as well outdoors as it does in (weather permitting) so if your patio needs renovating in time for the summer do get in touch.

Indian Sandstone Patio After Renovation Gainsborough


Source: Indian Sandstone Paving Cleaning and Renovation Service in Gainsborough Lincolnshire