I was contacted by a client in Lincoln who was concerned that their expensive Limestone patio installed at the rear of his property would need extensive restoration to restore its appearance. I went over to survey the stone and work out what would need to be done to renovate its appearance. The stone had absorbed a lot of dirt and had a lot of lichen type growth between the tiles along the mortar.

Dirty Limestone Patio Before Cleaning Lincoln

I’ve had a lot of experience with Limestone both internal and external and was confident it would respond well to treatment. I assured him that its appearance could definitely be restored. I ran a few cleaning tests to see which approach would work best and was happy to confirm that we wouldn’t need to use diamond burnishing pads to restore its appearance which although effective can be expensive.

Dirty Limestone Patio Before Cleaning Lincoln Dirty Limestone Patio Before Cleaning Lincoln

Cleaning a Limestone Patio

Work started by giving the whole area a thorough jet wash using our industrial pressure washer which has a spinner attachment to the wand to improve efficiency. This removed a lot of the surface debris and I followed up with an application of Tile Doctor Patio & Driveway Cleaner which was left to soak into the stone for some time before being rinsed off with the pressure washer.

This process was repeated several times until I was satisfied the stone was as clean as it could be. By the time I had finished later that afternoon the once Grey Limestone had been transformed back to its gleaming pale yellow. Due to the nature of the stone, I felt it wasn’t necessary to apply a sealer to the stone.

Dirty Limestone Patio After Cleaning Lincoln

My client was really happy with the result and were now ready for the season ahead and entertaining would not be an embarrassment. Before leaving we discussed after care and I advised than an annual repeat clean would be the best way to maintain the patios appearance. I mentioned the Tile Doctor Maintenance plan which is an annual program where we return once a year to clean the patio again, this would ensure that the patio looks its best for the summer ahead, regular maintenance will make sure the patio is kept in good shape and the lichen is kept on top of.

Dirty Limestone Patio After Cleaning Lincoln Dirty Limestone Patio After Cleaning Lincoln

Tile Doctor can deal with all types of tiles, both internal and external. We do not just tackle tiles, patios form a lot of our work in the spring and summer time, along with driveways. Cleaning and recolouring of grout is also a popular request for internal wall and floor tiles. Usually, people have tried cleaning themselves and have been disappointed by the results achieved and that is when they call Tile Doctor.


Source: Limestone Tiled Patio Cleaning and Renovation Service in Lincoln