This is a great example of a Block Paved Patio at a house in Weybridge that I was asked to renovate. Garden patios are exposed to a multitude of elements in this country, wind, rain, snow etc. They are often surrounded by vegetation. The rough nature of block paving and stone attracts dirt so it can benefit from an annual deep clean to keep them in check.

Block Paved Patio Before Deep Cleaning in Weybridge

Another problem we face is black spot from lichen which thrives on rough surfaces in the damp and shady conditions that are so common in the UK. The characteristics of the lichen are that as it matures, it sends out tendrils (hyphae) into the pores of the material seeking nutrients from the minerals in the brick and the detritus that collects on the patio. These gradually spread through the affected surface.

I visited the property to take a detailed look at the patio and decide on the best remedy to get it renovated. I discussed the process with them, gave them a price and arranged a time to return to complete the work.

Cleaning a Brick Block Paved Patio

I find the most effective way to clean a patio affected by the UK weather is to start with an industrial jet wash. These machines are quite powerful and apply water under high pressure to dislodge the detritus and exposes what lies beneath.

The next step was to carefully apply Tile Doctor Patio & Brick Driveway Cleaner, it is a very strong product sold for professional use. Due to its’ high strength you need to wear rubber gloves and eye protection, however you need to use a powerful product like this to power through the blackspots, lichen, moss, and stains.

For the best results you need to allow this product to soak in for at least thirty minutes before scrubbing it in with a deck brush and then rinsing off with water. For deep staining you need to leave the product on for longer.

Once done we made sure the area was thoroughly rinsed with water. There is no need for this type of patio to be sealed. However, we did recommend scheduling in an annual return visit to keep the driveway in good condition, we do offer a Tile Doctor Maintenance plan.

Block Paved Patio After Deep Cleaning in Weybridge

As you can see from this example the method worked well and the patio came up like new. Needless to say, my client was very happy with the work we carried out.

It’s worth knowing that Tile Doctors have the equipment and products to clean all types of hard surfaces internal and external so if you need help with your driveway or patio do get in touch.


Source: Brick Block Patio Tile Cleaning and Renovation Service in Weybridge Surrey