Patio Cleaning Information

Natural stone patios need just as much care as internal stone floors so don’t be tempted to scrub them with acid based patio cleaners sold in most retailer outlets, Limestone in particular is very sensitive to acid which over time can even dissolve it.  For the best long term care of your patio use a jet wash (on a wide fan setting) to blast away the top layer of dirt combined with a strong alkaline cleaner (see below) scrubbed into the stone to remove the ingrained dirt.  Once clean seal the stone with an impregnating sealer to make cleaning easier in future.

PLEASE NOTE: Its best to clean and seal outdoor stone in the warmer months (after the frosts have passed) as cold or damp conditions can cause the sealer to cure incorrectly. Check the weather forecast before applying as all sealers need a 24-hour cure time before they get wet or damp, without this the sealer will start to spot and what we call “Peppering” will happen, this won’t damage the stone but will affect the way it looks and may need to be stripped off and re-applied.

Large Travertine Patio Renovated in Cambridgeshire
Travertine Patio Before Cleaning Stonely Travertine Patio After Cleaning Stonely
Deep Cleaning a Flagstone Patio in Northamptonshire
Flagstone Patio Before Cleaning Stanwick Flagstone Patio After Cleaning Stanwick
Restoring Colour to a Black Limestone Patio in Berkshire
Black Limestone Paved Steps Before Renovation Highclere Village Black Limestone Paved Steps After Renovation Highclere Village
Finishing a Black Limestone Patio in Cheltenham
Black Limestone Patio Before Renovation Cheltenham Black Limestone Patio After Renovation Cheltenham
Victorian Tiled Path Renovated in Margate
Victorian Path Before Renovation Cliftonville Margate Victorian Path After Renovation Cliftonville Margate
Red Marble Patio Renovated in Berkshire
Marble Tiled Patio Before Renovation Newbury Marble Tiled Patio After Renovation Newbury
Black Limestone Patio Renovation in Farnham, Surrey
Limestone Patio Before Cleaning Farnham Limestone Patio After Cleaning Farnham
Brick Paved Patio Renovation in Duxford, Cambridge
Dirty Block Paved Patio Before Deep Cleaning Duxford Dirty Block Paved Patio After Deep Cleaning Duxford
Putting new Life into a Sandstone Patio in time for Summer
Indian Sandstone Patio Before Cleaning Northampton Indian Sandstone Patio After Sealing Northampton
Removing Grout Smears from a Black Limestone Patio in Walgrave
Black Limestone Patio Before Cleaning Walgrave Black Limestone Patio After Cleaning Walgrave
Buff Patio Cleaned in Eastbourne
Buff Patio Paving Before Cleaning in Eastbourne Buff Patio Paving After Cleaning in Eastbourne
Restoring Colour to Paving in Berkshire
Exterior Slate Before Renovation Thatcham Exterior Slate After Renovation Thatcham
Renovating a Stained Marble Patio in Northamptonshire
Egyptian Marble Patio Path Bozeat Before Cleaning Egyptian Marble Patio Path Bozeat After Cleaning
Maintaining a Slate Patio in Brighton
Slate Patio Courtyard Brighton Before Cleaning Slate Patio Courtyard Brighton After Cleaning
Sandstone Patio Cleaning in Bedford
Sandstone Patio Bedford Before Cleaning Sandstone Patio Bedford After Cleaning
Riven Slate Patio Restoration in Northamptonshire
Newly Laid Riven Slate Patio Wollaston Before Cleaning Newly Laid Riven Slate Patio Wollaston Completed
Annual Sandstone Patio Maintenance in Northamptonshire
Sandstone Patio Before Cleaned Re-grouted and Sealed Kettering Sandstone Patio After Cleaned Re-grouted and Sealed Kettering
Pressure Washing a Brick Driveway in Pertenhall
Driveway before cleaning Pertenhall Driveway after cleaning Pertenhall
Sandstone Patio Cleaning in Northamptonshire
Sandstone patio slabs before cleaning Rushden Sandstone patio slabs after cleaning Rushden
Sandstone Patio Brockhall During Cleaning
Indian limestone patio Windermere before cleaning Indian limestone patio Windermere after cleaning
Slate patio Chinnor before cleaning Slate patio Chinnor after cleaning
Limestone Patio Before Cleaning Alderly Edge Limestone Patio After Cleaning Alderly Edge
Stone Circle Before Cleaning
Stone Circle After Cleaning
Gazebo Before Cleaning
Gazebo After Cleaning
Patio Before Cleaning and Repointing in Rushden
Patio Cleaned and Repointed in Rushden

Patio Cleaning Products

Tile Doctor Concentrated Tile Cleaner
A phosphate-free cleaner formulated for everyday use that’s super-concentrated so one bottle is enough to make up to 121 litres. This neutral cleaner eliminates soap scum build up and hard water deposits when used regularly. The pleasant spearmint scent leaves a room smelling clean and fresh.
Concentrated Cleaner for Regular Use
Tile Doctor Pro-Clean Tile and Grout cleaner
A concentrated, multi-purpose high-alkaline cleaner, stripper and degreaser. Dilute with 3 to 5 parts water to use as a very effective cleaner that removes grease, soap scum, body oil, mildew and algae from areas that have been neglected or subjected to heavy use. Dilute with 2 parts water for the stripping of synthetic and acrylic waxes and floor finishes.
Pro-Clean Tile Cleaner
For sealing external stone we recommend you use an impregnating sealer such as Tile Doctor Colour Grow which is designed to penetrate the pores of the stone and protect it from within.
Grout Seal & Go