Details below of a tiling job I completed late in 2019 for a client in Cardiff who contacted me looking for a tiler. They were looking for a specialist tiler who could add character to the small area in front of their house. It is said when looking at properties kerb appeal is especially important as it forms your first impression and in this case the tiles surrounding the front of the property were sadly lacking and not in keeping with the period property.

I discussed various options with the client and showed them some sample tiles. They decided to go with traditional black and white reproduction Victorian tiles laid in a diagonal pattern. This was a classic look that would match the character of the property and sit well with the period in which the property was built.

Tiling Cardiff Property Frontage Tiling Cardiff Property Frontage

Replacing a Victorian Tiled Porch Floor

The first task was to remove all the existing tiles and prepare the base incorporating falls where necessary to let the rainwater run away freely from the property and not pool in puddles. Before the tiling started, I discussed the set out of the pattern for the customers to give their opinion on any features they preferred. I laid out some examples so they could see what the result would look like and the layout was agreed.

The floor was laid on a diagonal pattern using 150mm square tiles enclosed in black border to frame the area. Victorian style tiles like these are still popular today and I managed to purchase these from a company called Original Style Tiles who stock a large range of period tiles.

Tiling Cardiff Property Frontage

The floor was tiled using rapid set adhesive and grouted later the same day. I left the floor overnight to dry off but due to bad weather overnight, the tiles became a little dirty, so they were lightly cleaned with Tile Doctor Pro-Clean.

Tiling Cardiff Property Frontage

Pro-Clean is a versatile tile cleaning solution which can be diluted at different strengths to suit the requirement. On this occasion only a weak solution was needed and after a light scrub was extracted using a wet vacuum. I needed the tile to be completely dry before applying the sealer, so I left it to dry and agreed to come back the next day to seal.

Sealing Reproduction Victorian Tiles in Cardiff

On my return the following day the moisture levels of the tiles were tested with a damp meter which confirmed the floor was ready to be sealed. Sealing is highly recommended as Victorian tiles are slightly porous and can absorb water and dirt. Sealing also makes the tiles easier to clean and makes it easier to remove staining.

Tiling Cardiff Property Frontage

The sealer preferred for this floor was Tile Doctor Colour Grow which is a breathable impregnator that soaks into the pores of the tile adding protection from within and allowing it to withstand much wear due to traffic and the elements. It also improves colour and provides a lovely finish to the floor without it looking shiny. The tiles now looked great and made for a very inviting entrance to the property.

Tiling Cardiff Property Frontage

The clients were delighted with the results and passed Tiled Doctors contact details to many envious neighbours. It is always nice to complete external work that people passing by can see, rather than just internal work.


Source: Cardiff Tiling and Tile Restoration Service in Cardiff